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Archive for the On Request Category

EzionHldg (on request) – selling pressure seen

Over the last 3 days. EzionHldg has a shooting star look-alike and it has a confirmation candle too. On the bad side, it has encountered selling pressure but on the bright side, the high is not that high. But overall, it has encountered selling pressure and there are more chances of it going lower than […]


Oakwell (on request)

Punting penny counters (you will notice I do not use the word “trading”) has its risk and currently it is penny counters season, but if one is trading penny counters, do remember it has its risk and you have to accept the risk of anything that can happen will happen. If counters like China Minzhong […]


Ausgroup (on request)

Ausgroup is now supported by 50 day moving average but looking at price movement, it seems like too far too fast. A better entry would be somewhere about 0.41 where it is resistance turned support together with fibonacci 61.8% support.


AusGroup (on request) – looks like end of the run…

Received 2 urgent emails asking if can buy AusGroup but looking at today’s chart, it is one black eye. Usually when everyone is thinking of buying, it means that the “Big Boys” has successfully tell a nice story for retailers to enter into the stock for them to distribute. Ended up, retailers believed in the […]


ChinaMinZhong (on request)

Not sure why but there are a few people that seems to be interested in ChinaMinzhong. This is a downtrend counter but it needs to break above 0.64 short term resistance before it can go higher. It does looks like a bullish pennant but it has yet to break the flag pole resistance.


STI – Rounding top?

Username : gcw Email : xxxxx Message : Hi Jon, Im an active contributor to ur cbox. follow u religiously every wk for ur youtube clips too, but not in ur inner circle. anyways, i wanna ask u how to differenciate accumulation from distribution??? r we in distribution mode or accumulation now? And also, im […]


Ezion (on request) – nicely hit fibonacci projection level

Ezion flew higher and today formed a white shooting star look-alike. The tip of the shadow nicely hit the fibonacci projection level before profit taking came in. If those in long, do set a trailing stop. If one is thinking of longing, there are some announcements out today which means one is slightly late for […]


Amtek Engg and Yoma (on request)

Amtek Engg still could not clear the falling window resistance (shaded area) previously and now may be gaining momentum trying to clear it again. On Friday, it cleared the 200 day moving average, but to enter long position now, one would be chasing. Support would be the 50 dma, and classical support at 0.655.   […]


Wing Tai (on request)

Wing Tai seems to be resisted by the 20 day moving average. But on the bright side, the 50 day is rushing to meet the 200 day moving average which when crossed would be a golden cross (but not yet happen yet). As of now, there is no long or short signals seen, just that […]


ST Engg (on request) – broke support but near another support

ST Engg has been forming 2 doji continuous for the last 2 days. If tomorrow is another doji but higher than today, it could be short term bullish. It could then be forming a doji tri-star pattern. However have to watch tomorrow. Just take note that overall, it is a downtrend.  


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