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Archive for the DBS Category

DBS – Hammer at fibo support

DBS formed a hammer candlestick which also coincides with fibo 38% support. Watch to see if there is a bounce.


DBS – Near strong support

DBS is now near the 100 and 200 days moving average. In addition, the body of the candle are now quite small suggesting that the selling pressure has dissipated. Watch for a bullish reversal candle before considering entering on long position. However do take note that right now to long DBS would be against the […]


DBS – shooting star

Even though DBS has gone above the previous resistance of 14.36, the price action still looks suspicious. Anyway today it formed a shooting star and also is into the falling window resistance formed in July last year.


DBS – near resistance

In webinar this morning, I mentioned that I am watching to see if there is a possible small head and shoulders to happen, but looking at the strong closing today, high chance it will not happen. However the resistance to watch is 14.36. It needs a high volume to break convincingly. However, there is also […]


DBS – Needs to close above the resistance

DBS has been trying and trying but somehow cannot convincingly close above 12.90. If it still cannot close above 12.90, it will turn bearish. The volume has been getting lighter which may signify lesser buying pressure. Therefore watch the 12.90 level.  


Finally market start to move, to the downside

As of now, Dow is -264 at 2:20am. After consolidating for the last 5 days, whereby a lot of people got itchy finger and started to long unnecessary, the reality hits. Will it continue further down? Only the price can tell us. Dow came down badly because of Italian Job, where the lending rate suddenly […]


DBS – Akan datang???

DBS looks like trying getting ready to breakout from resistance.  


Banks – either they are consolidating or they are at resistance

Banks for the last 5 days could not go higher. This signifies that there are strong resistance nearby. But if it wants to go higher, that means it already has enough rest and got energy to break to the upside when time comes. Therefore watch the level closely.  


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