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Archive for the GoldenAgri Category

Golden Agri – Inverse head and shoulder seen

Golden Agri is forming an inverse head and shoulder with neckline at 0.665. Do watch to see if this neckline breaks.  


GoldenAgri – end of the road?

Today GoldenAgri formed a shooting star with a high volume not seen for quite some time. Could it be a buyer’s euphoria or changing of hands? If you have long position, do watch your trailing stop.


Golden Agri (on request) – Hit classical resistance with bearish divergence

Golden Agri today hit a classical resistance of 0.745 and came down with a shooting star cousin, bearish gravestone doji candle. Plus with bearish divergence shown in the indicators, those that have long position may want to consider taking some profits off the table or set a trailing stop. If Golden Agri can go higher, […]


GoldenAgri – going to falling window resistance

GoldenAgri went higher and broke a lot of short term resistance. Price-wise, it sounds bullish but caution is needed as breaking the short term resistance does not come with volume today. The close of the falling window will be at 0.71.  


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