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Gathering of Traders

If you are wondering has Jonathan Tan dissappeared, the answer is no. You just happen to be in the wrong place. I have been doing market updates with daily trade signals and posting it in Gathering of Traders. Everyone is welcome to join but I do not allow spamming.


See you in Gathering of Traders.

Announcing a new trading programs!

After going through 3 Knight Trader Boot Camps (KTBC), various feedbacks has been given and most of them has been good but one major feedback that kept on appearing is that it was too intensive. A lot insisted that live trading must be there and the one recently completed on weekdays on last Thursday even made quite a nice profits on the day itself.

Therefore, I will conduct 1 more KTBC based on the old syllabus (registration already overflowed, don’t bother to inquire as I cannot accept anymore registrations) and a new trading program will be launched from mid October onwards:

Knight Trader Boot Camp (1 1/2 days)
Summary: Upon completion of this program, you will learn how to catch where the market reversals, allowing you to enter/exit a position before anyone realizing it. You will also learn how to trade intraday allowing you to have additional skills to be a potential full time trader.

Wizard Trader Boot Camp (1 Day) (maybe 1 1/2 Days depending on how the participants can cope after doing a few programs)
Summary: Upon completion of this program, you will learn how to ride the trend, allowing you to potentially make bigger profits with less hassle. This will also allow you to build an entire investment portfolios and knowing when to get rid of under-performing counters.
Note: Participants must complete KTBC (and other requirements) before being invited to WTBC.

Merlin Trader Boot Camp
Summary: Coming soon!!!

2 1/2 Days Knight Trader Boot Camp

Boot camp for serious traders enabling you to make decisive profits from the markets.

Over the last few months, I have been working in a project to bring technical analysis knowledge to a bigger market and finally! It’s about ready for mass market. But not yet.

Unfortunately due to demand, I will be holding 2 session in August but it has already been fully reserved. Once I cleared the backlog, I will announce it to everyone. Until then, it will be via word of mouth only as I just cannot cope with the demand.

In the meantime, you may want to join Gathering of Traders so that you will not miss you on any daily Signal Center results posted there.

To join Gathering of Traders, click on the link below:

One of 30 Asia’s Top Financial Experts

What a great morning to start the week. I found out that I was one of 30 Asia’s Top Financial Experts.

Asia Top 30 Financial Experts

You can read more about it at here.

Gathering of Traders

It may seem that I have stop posting in ChartingAcademy.com but rest assured that this website is still alive!
If you are wondering why I stop posting, then you are in the wrong place. I have been posting daily updates to Signal Center – Lite Edition at Gathering of Traders. You are welcome to join this Facebook group and you can also invite your friends too.
I am also finalizing on my project and will do a major announcement very soon. The groundwork for this project has been going on for far too long. Once it is ready, I will let everyone knows.
Thank you for your patience.

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