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Archive for March, 2014

Mar 31 2014 Singapore forex, futures and stocks with Jonathan Tan

Nasdaq had the worse week since the last 17 months whereas Straits Times had a window dressing week with a lot of counters turning higher. A lot of chart patterns have formed with potential target upside in this YouTube calculated if it does come true.  The question in everyone’s mind is that, will it come […]


Mar 24 2014 Singapore forex, futures and stocks with Jonathan Tan

After being highlighted in the YouTube last week about the rebound, US and European market rebounded strongly off the support. Now with market rebounded already, Dow Jones closed down only -28. But for an experience trader, Dow Jones is -150pts off the high and that’s a strong reversal intraday. Now the question is, can the […]


Mar 24, 2014 7:00PM [Public workshop] Singapore stocks and more with Jonathan

With US market surging to go to recent high, will this uptrend continues to go even higher? However it seems contradictory that whenever US markets continues to go higher, regional markets from Hang Seng to Straits Times continues to go lower. Is this now at values for Singapore stocks to be buying? Or is it […]


Mar 17 2014 Singapore forex, futures and stocks with Jonathan Tan (Sydney Special Edition)

US market just had its worst week since end January with fears on Crimea and wondering what may happen if there are trade sanctions. This week will be a volatile week with quad-witching options expiration and also FOMC meetings. But wht does this mean for traders? Currently a lot of indices are at support. Can […]


No YouTube for Mar 10, 2014

Hi there, As I am volunteering to crew for a seminar over the weekend which includes a lot of running and by the time I get back, it would be almost midnight, I am not able to release this week’s YouTube. Do watch out for next week’s YouTube. I may even do a special edition […]


Ukraine Crisis

I am not an expert in history, but with Ukraine being the base for Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, this may be a different ball-game. Previously a similar incident happened in Georgia (granted it is a different state and also a different stake). Let’s take a look using what happened previously (my typing highlighted in red […]


Mar 03 2014 Singapore stocks forex and more with Jonathan Tan

S&P broke out from the recent resistance and now, it is at the all time high. Therefore short term-wise, it is bullish but there are underlying issues that one must be cautious about highlighted in this week’s video. Hang Seng brokeout from resistance. Can Straits Times currently near resistance follow as well? What are the […]


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