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Archive for the Ezra Category

Ezra – displaying a shooting star

Ezra also displays a shooting star. Do watch your entry price before considering as Dow is still strong.  


Ezra – hammer at support

Ezra today formed a hammer when market is bearish and also rebounded off fibonacci 61.8% and also the 200 day moving average support. The current price is also a previous resistance and may now turned support.


Ezra – hammer on downtrend

Market finally did a technical rebound today and Ezra formed a hammer at 200 day moving average. Do take note however Ezra is a downtrend counter, therefore caution is needed.


Ezra – shooting star seen

Today, Ezra formed a shooting star resisted by the 20 day moving average and also the falling window resistance. If it turns lower, watch to see if 1.10 will be the short term support.


Summary of stocks to pay attention

Initially I wanted to post everything nice nice but looking at the time now, it is 2:15am and I got to wake up for the webinar, I decided to make this a summary and you will have to refer to the charts. Plus I have to send out 1 nice alert later after this. Apologies […]


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