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Archive for the Sembmar Category

SembMar – double top on bigger picture

If one looks at SembMar using weekly chart, there is a potential double top being formed. It will be in play when the support of 4.20 breaks.


SembMar and SembCorp – hammer at support

SembMar on a glance seems to be a hammer at classical support. But if one does an in-depth analysis, there are several signs very nice about SembMar and its sister, SembCorp. Therefore watch to see if the 2 sisters can bounce higher.


SembMar – hammer

Hammer seen at previous support level. It does have strong support level found if you turn on the weekly chart. It is being supported by 50 and 100 week moving average. But if one is to enter, do remember that Europe can play punk at anytime. Only watch this counter if Straits Times is bullish […]


Sembmar – into closing window resistance

Sembmar is coming to a strong resistance. It would need a bullish news or market for it to go higher.


Summary of stocks to pay attention

Initially I wanted to post everything nice nice but looking at the time now, it is 2:15am and I got to wake up for the webinar, I decided to make this a summary and you will have to refer to the charts. Plus I have to send out 1 nice alert later after this. Apologies […]


Sembmar – Same pattern different counter

A lot of counters are forming symmetrical triangle, all waiting for a signal to go higher or lower. And since we are running out of candles to fit inside the triangle, something has to happen really soon.  


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