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Archive for the Biosensors Category

Biosensors – hammer seen

Biosensors, after so many days of selling pressure, today formed a black hammer. This could mean that selling pressure could be dissipating. Do watch to see if there could be a bounce higher.


Biosensors – “died-ed”

I think there is no need to mention that Biosensors today died-ed (past past tense of die). If anyone still holding any long position, you seriously must consider where to cut loss. There may be a small possibility of Biosensor forming a bear flag, but don’t out too much hope on it. Any rebound higher […]


Biosensor – shooting star at moving average resistance

Biosensor today hit the 50 day moving average and formed a shooting star. Do watch out for possible profit taking.


Amtek Engg and Yoma (on request)

Amtek Engg still could not clear the falling window resistance (shaded area) previously and now may be gaining momentum trying to clear it again. On Friday, it cleared the 200 day moving average, but to enter long position now, one would be chasing. Support would be the 50 dma, and classical support at 0.655.   […]


Biosensors – All time high but how high is the peak?

Biosensors yesterday and today formed doji candle which means indecision. Right now where it is at all time high, it is now deciding should it go higher or pullback for profit taking? We will know over the next few days. Those in long position, watch your trailing stop. But this counter is not safe to […]


Biosensors – Coming to the end of the road?

Biosensors today formed a white shooting star together with high volume. After moving higher over the past few days, it is now at overbought position and could have profit taking anytime.


Biosensors (on request) – in trading range but near resistance

Biosensor is near the resistance of 1.445 and stochastic shows that it is now in overbought region. Therefore, this counter is very high risk to long but if have position, do set a trailing stop.


Biosensors – Bullish pennant may fail

As previously mentioned in chat box, the unusually high volume on Oct 28 is something to be worried, as there is upper shadow in that candle. This means that there are some selling pressure. If Biosensors closed below 1.375 which is also a previous resistance turned support, there is a high chance this bullish pennant […]


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