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Archive for November, 2012

Dec 03 2012 Weekly Singapore Stocks with Jonathan Tan.

Market has been whipsawing with good and bad news about the fiscal cliff. Even those that do not watch the market also knows about this 2 words. Good news, market goes higher but any not so good news, market runs away. This is really testing a lot of retailer’s patience wondering what’s going on. The […]


SPH – Ascending triangle seen

After previously highlighted about Sheng Siong’s ascending triangle and now has broke higher, SPH seems to be displaying similar behavior. Watch to see if 4.12 resistance can be broken to the upside.


Yanlord – possible shooting star

Yanlord today gap up but encountered some selling pressure resulting in upper shadow. Do watch to see if there is a chance to go lower.


Nikkei – hit major trendline resistance

Today Nikkei hit a major trendline resistance as per highlighted in YouTube. do watch to see if there is a possible profit taking coming soon.


Nov 26 2012 Weekly Singapore Stocks with Jonathan Tan.

After last week’s webinar where we discuss about market bouncing higher, seems like everyone has forgotten about European crisis and fiscal cliff. Seems like bull is on the expressway with no obstacles to be seen. Will there be a bear police just around the corner just waiting to ambush? With Straits Times also rebounding higher, […]


Going for a drink

I will be in Novena United Square StarBucks for a coffee and muffin on Thurs Nov 22, at 5:00pm. If anyone feels like joining me for coffee, you are most welcome. My mobile is 9819 3071.


Olam – big story of today

Olam nicely fell after the symmetrical triangle breakdown due to “bad” news. Isn’t it a wonder that chart do predict price movement but how it happens, that’s where anything goes? Currently Olam fell into a classical support and today formed a very high volume and also a very long shadow doji. It means the bulls […]


Nov 19, 2012 Weekly Singapore Stocks with Jonathan Tan (Webinar Edition)

Fiscal cliff here and European bad news there. Dow Jones dropped pulling Hang Seng and Straits Times lower. Commodities such as Noble and Olam with Offshore such as KepCorp and SembMarine caused bloodbath with a lot of retail investors. It seems like those counters are destined for long term storage. Is market really that bearish? […]


Nov 18, 2012 10:00PM Weekly Singapore Stocks Webinar with Jonathan Tan (Open to everyone)

Dow Jones and European news gives incentive for the bears to attack really hard and those in long position felt it painfully watching their portfolio depreciating everyday. Is this the start of the bear market? Or this is just to get rid of weak holders before going even higher for the Christmas rally? What are […]


Maxi-Cash – Time to bring out the Channel, LV bag…

Desperate times call for quick cash. Maxi-Cash, ever since the IPO surge, has been trading within the IPO surge price and now potentially could be forming an ascending triangle. Watch to see if it breaks the resistance.


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