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Archive for February, 2015

Feb 21 2015 Happy Chinese New Year

Voice of 3 generations. I filmed this goat stampede during an outing and in it, you will be able to hear my dad and my son’s voice. In this time of celebrations, it is a blessing to have the loved ones around you. Wishing everyone good health, good luck, great happiness and prosperity in the […]


Feb 16 2015 Regional stocks forex futures with Jonathan Tan

Nasdaq almost recovered to the pre-dot.com crisis trying to break record high whereas a lot of world indices are at uncharted territory at the highest levels. Such a bullish market with bears totally being killed by worldwide QE. This week, will the market continues to go higher? Will the Greece issues resolved itself? What are […]


Feb 3 2015 7:00PM [Workshop] How trading stocks forex and futures can bring profits in your portfolio (Open to Public)

How trading can become great profits with the right knowledge If you have been frustrated by trading, been losing money in the market, just starting out in trading or would like to trade profitably then this is the workshop you must come. Jonathan Tan will be sharing with you the new generation of trading where […]


Feb 2 2015 Regional forex futures and stocks with Jonathan Tan

So far in January, Europe has been bullish doe to Mario Draghi QE, but US has been sluggish. Asia market are cuaght in the middle of the 2 battles. US is now showing a lower high with head and shoulder patterns. Bearish signals are seen in European indices too. What will the market do this […]


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