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Archive for the KepCorp Category

Kepcorp – bullish engulfing candle seen…

KepCorp has a bullish engulfing candle at weak fibo support and also strong rising window support.


KepCorp – hammer at support

Interestingly KepCorp has a hammer at Fibo 38.2% support. It may be a short term rebound for now.  


KepCorp – testing resistance broken turned support

Previously KepCorp hit the resistance around 10.80 and went higher. Now it is back to this range again. Will this previous resistance now will turn to support? Watch to see if there are any rebound.


KepCorp – refuses to fall

Looks like Kepcorp still refuses to fall and today the bulls engulf Friday bearish candle. If anyone wants to short STI or major counters, pay attention to this counter first as it is a barometer for general market sentiment for now.


KepCorp – just waiting to fall

KepCorp has been hanging near the resistance of 11.10. If it still cannot break higher, then when selling pressure do comes in, KepCorp will be following downwards.


Kepcorp – trying to break towards the upside?

Kepcorp has been forming an ascending triangle for quite some time. Resistance to watch would be a high volume breakout of 9.60. Next resistance to watch would be the round number $10.00.   Just got back, shower and now really need to Zzzz… Got a full day tomorrow.


Kepcorp – Evening star spotted

Kepcorp gap up yesterday and today gap down. If tomorrow continue to go lower, it means there is a confirmation of evening star, a bearish candlestick.  


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