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Knight Trader Boot Camp
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Knight Trader Boot Camp (1 1/2 days)

Boot camp for serious traders enabling you to make decisive profits from the market

In this 1 1/2 days training boot camp, you will learn how and when to trade forex, futures and stocks using practical trading strategies for various market conditions. By the end of the boot camp, you will be trading charts that gives you a high probability of success regardless of timeframe and will enable you to maximize your profits. You will trade with confidence on when to Enter, Exit, minimize your risks and maximise your rewards.

Day 1 (9am to 6pm) – How and when to use candlesticks to catch market reversal

Understand market price action enabling you to catch market reversals one step ahead
Understand the market psychology to take advantage of market fears and hype
How to catch the beginning of new trends and holding on to maximize your profits

Day 1/2 (7pm to 10pm) – Understanding real world market situation
In a live market, you will be able to understand how a trader trades and what signals to be on lookout
Applying theory learning to practical skills onto trading in real time
Moving from the path of reckless trader to consistent part time trader and ultimately becoming a full time trader and investor

Note: On some Knight Trader Boot Camp program where it will be held on trading days, the program schedule can be for 1 entire day from 9am to 9pm.

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