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Thank you for coming to Sept 4, 2013 Event


Thank you very much for coming to yesterday’s market outlook (Sept 4, 2013) event. I trust that you learned that trading futures and forex are not “expensive” and it is actually easy. A little bit of market followup: Yesterday I mentioned that I am expecting US market to do a technical rebound and just nice this morning, Dow Jones rebounded strongly.

How would you be able to enter here (see the circle on the chart below)?
 photo Dow_zpsc59a9c0f.png

In fact you would be surprise that you already knew if you had been listening my “Hairs on top cut it down, hairs on bottom stand up” strategy. This is what Dow did just before it decided to rally up (below is Dow Jones on 15 minute chart):
 photo Dowchart_zps05da1819.png

The first 2 circled blue lines happened at 1am 2 days ago and at 9:30pm (just when the seminar is ending). The one that is on the right happens at 3:30am this morning. Now I do not expect you to trade into the wee hours in the morning but the strategy I shared is the one that I am always looking for at about 9:30pm which if you had taken it, basically you can close the position about 30 minutes later and go to sleep with profits well in your pocket.

The above strategy is only 1 of the practical lessons that you will learn in my 3 Day Master Chart Reader program where you will learn to trade various charts from stocks to futures and forex. That is also where you will learn how I trade Hang Seng which is very volatile and dangerous for people that do not know how. But if you learn my simple but effective strategies, you will find trading stocks, futures and forex has never been easier.

For those that hand me the form yesterday, you will be confirmed enrollment for the batch in September 21, 22, 23 once you have made the payment. You will receive a separate email from me in a short moment for the details.

Now the bad news: If you have not pass me the enrollment forms yesterday, I am afraid that you will be on the waiting list but the November 16, 17, 18 program is still available and that’s the final one for this year. I can only accept 18 traders for 1 batch as I prefer to give my very best quality and personalized program to ensure that you will get the most of out the program.

I understand the frustration of being a trader which is why I tailored my program to ensure that if you are planning to be a remisier or even becoming a full time trader, you do have the necessary skills.

If you have any questions, do feel free to email me.

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