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Learn practical trading strategies for various market conditions. In this 3 days training program, you will learn how and when to trade forex, futures and stocks. By the end of the course, you will be trading charts that gives you a high probability of success regardless of timeframe that can be in seconds till holding on for days/weeks to maximize your profits. You will understand when to Enter, Exits, minimize your risks and maximise your rewards.

Day 1 – How and when to use technical analysis.

  • Understand its benefit and limitations so that you will learn the essential of Technical Analysis
  • Understand the market psychology to take advantage of market fears and hype
  • How to trade trends and holding on to maximize your profits

Day 2 – How to pick tops and bottoms with less risk.

  • Understand the right setup to scalp in smaller timeframe by picking the tops and bottoms to picking the right time for a potential change of trends for longer term trading.

Day 3 – Trading in different market conditions.

  • Understand when the market is ranging and how to take advantage of buy low and sell high.
  • When breakout happens, how to spot it and trade fast and furious with buy high and aim to go higher. The sky is the limit.
  • Or trade casually without the high pressure of investing with the trend.
  • Developing the Ultimate Buy SignalTM (UBS) and Ultimate Sell SignalTM (USS).
  • Moving from the path of reckless trader to consistent part time trader and ultimately becoming a full time trader and investor.

Join me in this practical 3 Days Master Chart Trader Program. Seats are limited due to the small classroom style training where you will be working on the actual charts itself. After completing the 3 day program, you will be able to immediately trade the very next day with a real-time MoneyPotTM alerting you on the potential trade setup instantaneously.

Start your journey today!



Advance Master Chart Trader – Super Trader Program

  • Have you been making the right trades but the profits are just isn’t there?
  • Are you feeling frustrated that after been trading for some time, you just cannot see the profits?
  • Or you just want to overcome your trading psychological barrier?

Then this program is the program specially tailored for you.
The journey of a trader usually starts by searching the Holy Grail of signals to enter but after some time, found that no matter how good is the signals, the profits just isn’t there. As time passes, a lot of traders found that the time spent is just not worth the effort and usually gave up trading.
Advance Master Chart Trader – Super Trader Program is designed making sure that you will be trading, understanding the psychological barrier, analyzing your trades and making trade calls. You will be trading, PERIOD! This means that you will need to have an active trading account, no demo or no “pretend” trades. This is as real as it gets with real account and real money involves.
You will be trading. You will be pushing yourself to find your psychological limits. And you will push yourselves beyond the limit.




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