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Archive for December, 2012

Happy New Year

Wishing everyone a huat huat prosperous super-duper awesomeness outrageous 2013! If 2012 is so-so, then 2013 is the change of luck year. If 2012 is a great year, 2013 will be even better. 2013 definitely will be a better year for everyone.


Dec 31, 2012 Weekly Singapore Stocks with Jonathan Tan.

The whole world is celebrating the coming 2013 but the US Govt is still busy trying to get the Fiscal Cliff agreements. It is one of those rare moments where the politicians are very busy working for the sake of the people throughout the holidays (Just a joke, so don’t sue me). On Monday, market […]


Dec 24, 2012 Weekly Singapore Stocks with Jonathan Tan

Plan B failed to go through and Dow Jones reacted badly. The reputation of US government is at stake and with Christmas coming up this week, will they work throughout Christmas to get it resolved? Market is holding onto hopes that once it gets through, the bull will continue to push the market higher. How […]


Improved CandleAlert releasing soon

This is the newly improved CandleAlert releasing soon to InnerCircle. It nicely picked the top of yesterday (see orange arrow). Why is it important? Because if you take a look at EURUSD daily chart, it is a very beautiful shooting star. Same as GBPUSD, and that’s a very big hint.  


Coffee session

I will be having a presentation on Friday Dec 21st at 2:00pm. If you would like to meet up for a chit chat or find out more about InnerCircle, you are most welcome to come over. Address; Extra Excellence Singapore Pte Ltd 101 Thomson Road, #07-07 United Square, Singapore 307591 My mobile: 9819 3071


Work hard and play hard

There is a saying, when you work, you work hard and when it is time to play, you play hard. But for me, when I love the work, I work play incredibly hard. Since late last week and over the weekend, I volunteered to help out in a seminar and it feels incredible meeting new […]


Dec 13, 2012 10:00AM Midweek Singapore Stocks Webinar with Jonathan Tan [InnerCircle]

Straits Times and Hang Seng kept on going higher with no resistance in sight. A lot of people had shorted, without waiting for the bearish signal confirmations, are now being squeezed and wondering if they should just cut loss and go long instead. Christmas is also just around the corner and everyone is anticipating a […]


Olam – Possible forming a bear flag

Olam has been in the news lately and everything has been “muddy”. If Olam do break the support of 1.425, then the potential target of bear flag could be around 1.26. Like it or not, Olam is now a news driven counter. Until it has all clear signals, till then, it will be muddy.


SIA – hitting turbulance

Today SIA closed the day with bearish engulfing candle than almost engulf 2 previous candle. Watch to see if it will go lower.


Dec 10 2012 Weekly Singapore Stocks with Jonathan Tan.

We are coming closer to Christmas and everyone is expecting a Christmas Rally especially when hearing more “good news” out from Washington than bad news. But before Christmas Rally, there are a few events to take note of. How will this events affect Singapore stocks? And will it push the market higher or lower? Which […]


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