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Archive for October, 2014

Oct 27 2014 7:00PM [Workshop] How trading stocks forex and futures can bring profits in your portfolio (Open to Public)

How trading can become great profits with the right knowledge If you have been frustrated by trading, been losing money in the market or just starting out in trading then this is the workshop you must join. Jonathan Tan will be sharing with you the new generation of trading where signals are given in realtime […]


Oct 27 2014 Singapore forex futures and stocks with Jonathan Tan

What a strong rebound and the market is now coming into strong resistance. With this week FOMC statement, all eyes are watching to see if QE will really ends or it is a forever QE. How will the market react? Will we continue to break new high or this is just a calm before the […]


Oct 20 2014 Singapore forex futures and stocks with Jonathan Tan

Just passed mid of October and we have the most market correction in US market since June 2011. Volatility is in full swing with Dow Jones swinging more than 100 points everyday for the past few weeks. With this volatility, there are so much profits that can be made from the bulls and bears. Moving […]


Oct 7 2014 Singapore forex futures and stocks with Jonathan Tan

We are now into the month of October, a brand new quarter and the last quarter of 2014. Coming soon is earning reports. Over the last 2 weeks, Dow Jones has been swinging more than 100 points daily, which means volatility is back. What indices and forex are we paying attention to? Are the bear […]


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