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Archive for the Olam Category

Olam – Possible forming a bear flag

Olam has been in the news lately and everything has been “muddy”. If Olam do break the support of 1.425, then the potential target of bear flag could be around 1.26. Like it or not, Olam is now a news driven counter. Until it has all clear signals, till then, it will be muddy.


Olam – big story of today

Olam nicely fell after the symmetrical triangle breakdown due to “bad” news. Isn’t it a wonder that chart do predict price movement but how it happens, that’s where anything goes? Currently Olam fell into a classical support and today formed a very high volume and also a very long shadow doji. It means the bulls […]


Olam – higher low seen but..

Olam, although formed a higher low, which is a bullish sign, it is now in overbought region. Which means there is a possibility that profit taking could be expected. Over the last 3 weeks, Olam has been trying to go higher, but the candles have small body. Could it be a slow but steady or […]


Olam – ambush trap setup

Waiting to ambush Olam for short position if it can reach the highlighted area. That would be a good price to short as all the moving average seems to be going there. In addition, it is a downtrend counter…


Olam (on request) – At crucial support

Olam is at crucial support of 2.20. Overall, it is a downtrend but may have a technical rebound. To the upside, there are 2 trendline resistance that may stop it from going higher. Therefore if tomorrow can go higher than today, long small run fast strategy.  


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