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Archive for February, 2014

Feb 25 2014 Singapore stocks forex and more with Jonathan Tan

This is a different bull in US market and similarly for Straits Times. STI has been cheonging higher, and a lot of people missing out on this run has been getting desperate, “If I don’t get in now, I will miss the run for the entire year.” Or is it? Should one just blindly longing […]


Feb 17 2014 Singapore stocks forex and more with Jonathan Tan

Bull run! US and European market that are. Regional markets especially Straits Times? Optimistic answer is that we are trying to catch up. Sure there are pockets of stocks moving, but STI last seen the highest high was in May 22, 2013. Not to be bullish or bearish, but STI just wasn’t in either mood. […]


Feb 10 2014 Singapore stocks forex and more with Jonathan Tan

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone. Wishing everyone a prosperous year ahead. And welcoming the year of the horse, US market has gallop higher over the last 2 days negated the downside happened previously. Right now with US market still on uptrend, but regional market is downtrend, there are conflicting signals being shown. Perhaps it […]


Feb 12, 2013 7:00PM [Public workshop] Singapore stocks, forex and more with Jonathan Tan

Volatility is back into the market. Since January, Dow has been swinging more than 100 points and that’s considered normal. It was just a month ago that up or down 60 points was considered “exciting”. Most importantly, how can you take advantage of this market wild swing? Now with Singapore stock price getting cheaper, is […]


SMRT – (on-request) Breaking support after support…

With a lot of people actively “scolding” SMRT for the last few months, it has been tumbling badly. Normally a public transports counter usually behaved more like sideway movements as the income are “predictable”, but even with the increase fares, SMRT just could not find any reasons for investors to buy-in the story to push […]


2014 Chinese New Year Greetings from Charting Academy

Wishing everyone a bountiful and prosperous Chinese New Year. May all your wealth galloping down to your doorsteps. Huat! Huat! Huat!!!


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