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Archive for May, 2012

May 31, 2012 10:00AM Midweek Singapore stocks with Jonathan Tan [InnerCircle]

Today Asia market got smoked after Spain got downgraded with Hang Seng down -365 points. Straits Times is down but trying to recover to break-even. How can this be? Dow Jones was nicely up 126 points. We should be green today but reality strikes. So, does this mean that we can start to short now? […]


STX OSV – Bullish engulfing candle

STX OSV today formed a bullish engulfing candle at classical resistance broken turned support. Watch to see if it can turn higher.


Sakari – hammer and bullish engulfing candle

Sakari yesterday (Monday) formed a hammer and today is a bullish engulfing candle. Watch to see if it can go higher. However caution is needed as it is a downtrend counter with no bullish divergence seen.


May 28, 2012 weekly Singapore stocks with Jonathan Tan

Market tried to go higher but troubles with European countries have been giving the bulls stomach ache. Dow Jones is off the lows, but Straits Times is hanging at the low. Can the support for Straits Times hold? Although some counters in Singapore broke the support, what about the rest of the counters? What will […]


Meet-up with Jonathan Tan

Hi, I mentioned in this week’s YouTube that I will be meeting up with those interested to find out more about E.Excel International and my InnerCircle group. If you would like to find out more, I will be at the address below on Friday 25th May from 6:30pm onwards. There will be an 1 hour […]


Market Opinion

It is just so hard to believe… can the market goes up when the bad news are just all around? Tonight Dow Jones is crucial. If Dow did not perform bullish, then high chance Asia would crack the support. The only small savior is that Dow and S&P500 have yet to break the support. Can […]


SembMar – hammer

Hammer seen at previous support level. It does have strong support level found if you turn on the weekly chart. It is being supported by 50 and 100 week moving average. But if one is to enter, do remember that Europe can play punk at anytime. Only watch this counter if Straits Times is bullish […]


May 24, 2012 Midweek Singapore stocks webinar with Jonathan Tan

This is a live recording done during the China PMI announcement. There are fears all over the market with bad news out from Europe over and over again. It seems like the bulls are totally dead and bears lurking at every corner. Is it really that bearish? Will we be going down till June? What […]


May 24, 2012 10:00AM Midweek Singapore stocks with Jonathan Tan (Open to everyone)

Yes, you see it right. This highly in demand webinar is open to everyone on this Thursday only as I foresee something unusual in the charts that if it does played out, there would be tremendous opportunity to be made. Market did a strong rebound as per highlighted in this week’s YouTube.  Those that did […]


Straits Times – levels

Straits Times after a technical rebound is now close to the 200 day moving average that could act as resistance. Below are the resistance levels to pay attention.


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