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S&P500 Daily chart as discussed in Webinar


Explanation of email being sent out

About 7:00pm, I sent out this broadcast: Hi, If S&P500 closed below this morning’s low, then high probability a high is in place. After a high is a low. Therefore tonight US market could be crucial. and I got quite a few emails asking for clarification. Instead of answering one by one, I might as […]


VIX – sign of fear

If VIX rebounds tonight, then there is a bullish divergence in the chart. Which means when there is fear in the market, high chance market will turn lower. Therefore be cautious if you have long position…


S&P is double hammer as of 2:23am

Right now, still awake trying to finish posting request and charts. As of now, S&P is a double daily hammer, which is a bullish candle indeed. However, do note that Thursday is US holiday and Friday is half trading day. Therefore in any trade, always be cautious.  


S&P 500 – Possible downside projection level

  Above are the 2 possible downside projection level based on the symmetrical triangle. You will notice that the right most arrow projection coincidentally coincides with fibonacci 61.8%. That should be a strong bounce there. If not, bulls may be “rest in peace”.


SPY – hit the lower symmetrical triangle this morning

This morning, Dow closed -191 points and it seems like there is blood everywhere. However do take note that S&P now is resting at the symmetrical triangle which signify a possible support. Therefore if you are thinking about shorting, do watch your risk and don’t go heavy. Do note that my chart is not updated. […]


S&P Support and Resistance level to take note of

From the charts, I have drawn several trendlines that may be in play to take note of. Breaking the support will be an opportunity to short whereas going to hit the resistance with a bearish reversal candlestick will be a better risk and reward to short. Therefore, as long as US wants to go higher, […]


S&P – And it opens “Player”

I am sure you have notice that I have not been posting often, well for a simple reason, October is a very volatile month. In addition, this week is US option expiration, which is well known for a volatile week. Volatile + volatile = more volatile. After such a massive move higher, S&P now trying […]


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