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Archive for November, 2013

Nov 25 2013 Singapore stocks and more with Jonathan Tan

Bulls has taken control of Dow Jones for 7 continuous week and this is a different bull. Market now says that this bull can bring us to Dow 20,000. The theme on the market news is to buy. Haven’t we heard this statement before? Different bull but same old story? Warning signs are being seen […]


Nov 18 2013 Singapore stocks and more with Jonathan Tan

Bulls are in full control and market loves Yellen and kept on propelling higher. A lot of people are expecting this week’s FOMC to be a non-event as Yellen has indicates that she will also do whatever it takes. Therefore this will be a different bull market as compared to the rest of the history. […]


Nov 13, 2013 7:00PM Singapore stocks and more with Jonathan Tan

Join me in this last public event for the year. They say trading is very easy. All you need to do is to buy low and sell high. And most importantly is to follow the trend as the trend is your friend. Sounds simple, right? But how come so many people are feeling frustrated? But […]


Nov 11 2013 Singapore stocks and more with Jonathan Tan

Every time the bear wants to show up to the party, the bull brought its entire force. On last Thursday in US market, the bears attacked strongly but on Friday , the bulls counterattacked strongly and almost negated the bearishness. But with uptrend has been running for so long, can this uptrend still holds? Or […]


EzionHldg (on request) – selling pressure seen

Over the last 3 days. EzionHldg has a shooting star look-alike and it has a confirmation candle too. On the bad side, it has encountered selling pressure but on the bright side, the high is not that high. But overall, it has encountered selling pressure and there are more chances of it going lower than […]


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