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Archive for the Hang Seng Category

Hang Seng (On request)

Hang Seng now hit the 200 day moving average, and in addition, it is also in convergence with the 50 DMA. On short term wise, it could be consolidating to go higher but it would have to clear the 2 moving average first. Plus, it is also in overbought region. Support and resistance are highlighted […]


Hang Seng – support held

Hang Seng today gap down to a strong classical support (see arrow). If you zoom out to a longer period, you can see from historical chart why this level is an important support as it is also a classical support all the way from Aug 2010. Going higher, I am hoping HSI will go closer […]


HSI Futures at this moment…

Hang Seng futures is now near crucial support, If it breaks and closed below 20,500, then bears may be in control.


Hang Seng -short term levels to watch out for

Hang Seng today came close to the 50 day moving average and rebounded off it. If for the next 2 days can continue to go higher, then a higher low would be formed. But do be cautious as the 20 day is slopping down.


Hang Seng Index

I will be watching how Hang Seng will be behaving around 21300. If it displays bearish candlestick, I may consider entering some short position.  


Hang Seng bear charged

Hang Seng today got hit by the bear and it engulfed Friday’s candle. And it is also a previous support broken now turned resistance which is also a falling window resistance. Watch tomorrow for a confirmation to the downside as there is no signs of Dow Jones tonight as it is a public holiday in […]


Hang Seng Index – trading within 1 candle

If you look closely, HSI over the last few days are trading inside 1 candle range. This is the candle that you need to pay attention if you want to look for any signs of bullish or bearish. Hang Seng is at resistance now over the last few days, either it is having a bullish […]


Hang Seng – Support and resistance level

Market always are forgetful. When it is bullish, it forgets the bad news, and when it is bearish, it conveniently forgets the good news. And it keeps on recycle it over and over again. Now that market is rallying, all I want is for market to go higher so that we have a clear direction. […]


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