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Archive for the Yangzijiang Category

Yangzijiang at resistance

Yangzijiang is now showing a shooting star at 200 day moving average acting as resistance. Will there be a bearish confirmation? Cosco is also behaving similarly to Yangzijiang. Brothers moving together?


Yangzijiang – Broke support but near another support

Yangzijiang broke the previous support but now is near the 100 day moving average and fibonacci 38.2% support. However, there is no bullish candle seen yet. Watch to see if any bullish candles are forming.


Yangzijiang – could not clear resistance

Yangzijiang hit the 200 daily moving average acting as resistance today and could not clear it. Watch to see if it will start to turn lower.


Yangzijiang (on request) – Bollinger squeezed within a trading range

Yangzijiang has been in bollinger squeezed for a long long time. If one really want to trade, then you can use a breakout of trading range with volume. Therefore watch the support and resistance lines.


Yangzijiang – running out of candles

Yangzijiang is running out of candles to fit inside the symmetrical triangle. Something has to happen soon. Therefore watch the support and resistance.  


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