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Archive for the NOL Category

NOL – fast reaching to round number

NOL seems like being drawn to $1.00 support and it is approaching really fast. Do watch to see if there is a reversal candle at round number if it does reach there.


NOL – short term irregular triangle

NOL after a massive gap down has went higher but still yet to recovered from the gap down wounds. Right now, price action is inside an irregular triangle depending on which school of thoughts. Therefore watch your support and resistance.


Summary of stocks to pay attention

Initially I wanted to post everything nice nice but looking at the time now, it is 2:15am and I got to wake up for the webinar, I decided to make this a summary and you will have to refer to the charts. Plus I have to send out 1 nice alert later after this. Apologies […]


NOL – shooting star just away from resistance

Initially I wanted to send this out as an alert but after looking at the volume, I decided that this would be a “semi” alert. If the volume is a lot higher, like Yanlord previously (see Yanlord chart previously before the fall), then you will understand. NOL after being range-bound for a long long time, […]


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