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Archive for September, 2012

See you all in 2 weeks

Just a last posting before I shall disappear for 2 weeks. Market Updates: This week is Options Expiration week and it should be more volatile. How much more “volatile” can it be when uncle Mario and uncle Ben is doing everything to prop the market higher, right? However market is already at high and after […]


120911 Market Updates

Just a quick message: (Apologies as too tired to post the charts as I just got home) Ezra is a white shooting star. Be careful of Reits as it looks like it is quite “expensive” as a lot of them have bearish candles. Just remember to set a trailing stop to protect your position.


Sept 10 2012 Weekly Singapore Stocks with Jonathan Tan.

Last week, Ben Bernanke did it again. This week, Mario Draghi did it. Market loves both of them so much and on Thursday Dow Jones rallied. And with China adding in the stimulus plans, Shanghai Stock exchange together with Hand Seng rallied pulling Straits Times higher. Is the bull here till US elections? Seems like […]


Sept 03 2012 Weekly Singapore Stocks with Jonathan Tan

Ben Bernanke did it again. He mentioned QE in Jackson Hole and on Friday, market likes what they heard. Now uncle Mario will be trying to do the same thing. Will uncle Mario play bluff or he does hold a trump card? Straits Times on Friday has bullish signals and a lot of Singapore stocks […]


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