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Archive for the IndoAgri Category

IndoAgri – resting on support

IndoAgri is resting at crucial 200 day moving average with also coincides with fibonacci 50% support. Do watch to see if there is a bounce at this level.


Indoagri – deja vu?

If you look at Indoagri closely (see the 2 arrows), doesn’t it look similar? Both candles are about the same distance from the 20 day moving average.


IndoAgri – Shooting star seen

IndoAgri formed a shooting star resisted by 20 day moving average. Those on long position do be cautious.


My opinion

What a low volume float higher in Dow Jones Industrial. Initially I wanted to send out several alerts as the chart is nice, but decided to wait (hopefully market do not take any action). HSI is now at 20 day moving average. Like it or not, it is easy to set a cut loss in […]


IndoAgri – Shooting star at fibonacci resistance

IndoAgri formed a high volume shooting star at Fibonacci resistance. Watch your trailing stop if you have long position.


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