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My opinion

What a low volume float higher in Dow Jones Industrial. Initially I wanted to send out several alerts as the chart is nice, but decided to wait (hopefully market do not take any action). HSI is now at 20 day moving average. Like it or not, it is easy to set a cut loss in HSI short at the recent high. Straits Times is still in 50-50 range, in danger of falling but not yet, still waiting for the confirmation. If you are watching the stock market, do pay attention to banks (watch my YouTube to find out why). If banks break, then it is a sign. Several counters I am watching for shorting candidate are banks (of course), marines (Yangzi, Kepcorp, Sembmar, SembCorp), Commodities (FirstRes), and IndoAgri (this is very nice…).

Apologies for the quick note, but as you can see it is already almost 5am and I need the sleep…

Remember, whatever you do, always have your stop loss in mind and never, never show hand. Market will always be there but once you game over, then got market also cannot play.

IndoAgri current critical support is 1.59. Break and close below this level is quite bearish.

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