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About Jonathan

“Good stocks, bad stocks, as long as can make money, it is a good stock.” – Jonathan Tan

Picture being able to make money regardless of market going higher or lower, able to have financial freedom and worry free the rest of your life. More than that, able to spend time with your family and to do anything that your heart desires! Impossible? Not according to Jonathan when you know how to read the charts.
Jonathan Tan started investing in stock market right after the Asian financial crisis in 1998 and made quite some money. But having substitute luck with skills, he lost every profits and his capital. He accumulated his savings by working and started all over again. In every bull market, he made some profits, but when it comes to bear market, he lost everything including his capital. Sounds familiar? Until one day when he was so frustrated, he started to learn technical analysis and through real life application, he found out the practical way of applying technical analysis and from that day onwards, his trading skills started to improve and slowly regain back his lost capital and make consistent profits.
After numerous years as Regional IT Manager for a large multi-national company, Jonathan has since quit his full-time job in 2006 and now trades for a living. Having previously conducted a lot of seminars and technical analysis courses, Jonathan discovered that the simplest way to trade is the most effective and profitable. He prefers the “lazy” way to trade which means waiting for the right signals, the right time and the right price before pulling the trigger. Jonathan had previously written articles for regional newspaper and magazines such as The Star and SmartInvestor. Now he shares his experience using social media such as website, Facebook, and YouTube. In fact he is very proud to say that he is the one and only person in Singapore that does a weekly YouTube briefing that enables the public to understand the market directions in less than 15 minutes.

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Words from Jonathan:

Hi everyone, this is where I put my heart out. You can see what I am doing, where I share my thoughts and feelings, not only about the stock market or forex, but this is also where I share my inspirations, aspirations, goals and achievements. In a short word: everything. Why am I doing this? It is for me, whereby once you know what I want to do, whenever you see me slack off, I need you help to remind me to keep pushing my limits, ok?

In this page, you will see my heart, whereby I will put in some notable quotes (who knows, I may write a book in the future, ke ke ke). And I will also write my goals that I will work towards and hopefully, you will also join me in this wonderful journey called life. This page will always be a work in progress.

Goal Settings:

  1. Holiday in Namale for 1 week
  2. Meet Tony Robbins
  3. Meet Eric Thomas
  4. Listen live to Jon Schmidt concert



80% IS PSYCHOLOGY! Why because we are all human beings! – 15/12/11

Time to buy you buy, time to sell you sell. There is no such thing as loyalty, no such thing as compassion. This is reality. You get it right, you make money.. you get it wrong, you pay money. – 15/12/11

Nov 28, 2011 weekly Singapore Stocks with Jonathan Tan – First video to hit 1000 views in first week of release. – 30/11/11

To make money in stock market, you will have to be patient, wait for the right signal, right price and right timing. Just wait. – 6/10/11

If you keep on buying, one of these days you will be right. Question is, are you still alive? – 4/10/11

In life, when the why is big enough, the how will come. But in trading, when you wait until the why is here, it is too late. You see, you trade. The why will come later. – 27/9/11

Jonathan Tan: therefore I need all your help. Make sure all of you keep on pushing my limits. Remind me when I am tired, remind me when I am discourage, and most importantly, remind me never give up – 22/9/11



Project 1: Weekly Thursday morning webinar open to everyone

Project 2: Setup and rebuild http://DreamfirstAid.com under a new server to assist in traders psychology. – 22/10/11

Project 3: Learn how to use video editor software to edit weekly YouTube videos

Project 4: Work in progress (1/1/12 Update: Currently stalled as not enough manpower, time, and skills)

Project 5: Day long webinar, tentatively to be launched in January 2012

Project 6: Setup mailing alert. – 19/12/11

Project 7: Great idea on how to assist fellow traders. Need to start planning. – 28/12/11

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