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Archive for the Cosco Category

Cosco – selling exhaustion seen?

Cosco after a high volume selldown, today formed a hammer candle. Could it be time for a technical rebound?


Cosco – Bearish candlestick seen

Cosco Corp previously tried to breakout from 1.02 resistance but could not held on to it and closed lower. Today Cosco formed a bearish engulfing candle and there are bearish divergence seen. If Cosco close below 1.00 support, then it would not be good for the bulls.


Cosco – could not break resistance

If Cosco breaks below 0.965, it would not be a good news for the bulls.


Cosco (On request)

As per mentioned in YouTube, it hits a falling window acting as resistance. It would have to clear it before it is “bullish”.


Cosco – on support

Cosco is now sitting on a weak classical support which is also together with a fibonacci support. Both are weak support, therefore watch for a reversal candle before deciding. Do take note that you will be doing a counter-trend trade and before entering any trade, do remember to watch my this week YouTube.


Cosco – Nice entry alert

If you have been following my alert, and entered Cosco, looks like I can see your smile on your face. Always watch your stop loss and not getting overconfident. Always be prepared for the unexpected.


Cosco – touched the 50DMA

Today Cosco briefly touched the 50 day moving average. Watch closely to see if there is a strong rebound from here or watch your stop loss.


Cosco – Shooting star with high volume

Cosco has gone too far too fast and today formed a shooting star with higher volume. If there is a confirmation to the downside, support to watch out for would be 1.10.


Cosco (on request) – Bullish candle but… bad news?

Cosco today has a bullish piercing candle, however do note that confirmation candle is tomorrow (Wednesday). Which means the time to enter is on Wednesday, not on the candle day itself. Last I heard is that there are some company announcement which is not good (too sleepy now to verify it but you can find […]


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