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Archive for January, 2014

Jan 27 2014 Singapore stocks forex and more with Jonathan Tan

It has been a bloody last week that wipe out the entire gains since mid-December. Now with the bear appearing in full force, is this just a pullback to continue the uptrend or is this a potential change of trends? What can happen this week that can change the market? This week highlighted several futures, […]


Jan 20 2014 Singapore stocks and more with Jonathan Tan

Last week has been a volatile week and both long and shorts are having a field day looking for opportunities. With Dow Jones at uptrend and near resistance, can this uptrend continue to go higher? And if it does, what are the stocks to be on lookout in Singapore Straits Times? There are a few […]


Jan 23, 2013 7:00PM Singapore stocks and more with Jonathan Tan

Thank you very much for the response. I only managed to get a small room for Jan 15 and it is already full. Therefore I managed to make another arrangements for Jan 23 which is a bigger room and this time it will be held in Park Mall. If you are not able to register […]


Jan 13 2014 Singapore stocks and more with Jonathan Tan

A brand new year and wish everyone a Happy New Year with a fantastic trading year ahead. Dow Jones started the year with black candle. Why is that significant? Could it be a sign of the market months ahead? With Hang Seng doing a head and shoulder shampoo and Straits Times drifting aimlessly, what can […]


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