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Archive for the Noble Grp Category

Noble Grp – near classical support

Noble Grp formed a hammer near classical support of 1.02. Watch to see if there is a possible bounce.


Noble Grp – near support

Noble Grp is near the classical support and also fibonacci support at 1.30. It is possible that Noble Grp can have a technical rebound but do take note that to long will be against the trend for now.


Noble Grp – in the middle of falling window

Who would have thought that this bull is so strong and managed to push Noble Grp halfway through the falling window. But Noble Grp is not out of the woods yet. As long as it cannot clear 1.60, it can still fall anytime as it is still a head wind.


Summary of stocks to pay attention

Initially I wanted to post everything nice nice but looking at the time now, it is 2:15am and I got to wake up for the webinar, I decided to make this a summary and you will have to refer to the charts. Plus I have to send out 1 nice alert later after this. Apologies […]


Noble Grp – Support at 1.055

It would be the evil twin brother of Jonathan if he secretly wish that Noble Grp would break below 1.055 but somehow the volume is not coming in. However breaking that 1.055 support, it would be really bearish.  


Noble Grp – Light at the end of the tunnel?

Ok, Let’s start with the toughest counter. I realized that I just shake the hornet’s nest when I started mentioning Noble Grp. I received 6, SIX emails asking why I am so bearish about this counter, why I push the price lower, etc etc etc… You will not believe how passionate some of Noble Grp […]


Noble Grp – Pierced the bull

Unfortunately after I highlighted it in the chatbox, Noble Grp went down a lot more and closed at day low. Therefore, if you missed the alert, then the risk is now higher as one will be chasing. Do expect some selling pressure tomorrow as those on contra will be forced to close their position as […]


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