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Archive for the Genting SP Category

Genting SP (on request) – broke out

Genting SP after consolidating for so many days, today broke out from the resistance of 1.34. Do watch out for resistance around 1.355 and 1.42.


Genting – Stabilizing

When Straits Times is down or up, Genting SP has been drifting lower with low volume. Seems like interest has been drying out. Over the last few days, 1.38 support seems to be holding which is also quite close to a rising window support from 1.30 to 1.35. It could be trying to bounce from […]


Genting SP – near classical support

Genting SP is near classical support of 1.50 and currently is also near the lower bollinger band. If it can bounce higher, then it will be a counter-trend trade. Perhaps it is trying to go back home to the 20 day moving average, but caution is needed as Europe is still not out of danger.


Genting SP – reaching MA support

After a few days selling down, Genting SP has retraces close to 50% which is also near the 20, 50 and 200 moving average. In addition, slightly lower than the MA is also the fibonacci 61.8% support. Do watch for any bullish reversal candle before considering.


Genting SP – not able to break resistance

Genting SP seems to be stuck at 1.65 resistance. If there is a confirmation to the downside, then support to watch out for would be 1.58.


Summary of stocks to pay attention

Initially I wanted to post everything nice nice but looking at the time now, it is 2:15am and I got to wake up for the webinar, I decided to make this a summary and you will have to refer to the charts. Plus I have to send out 1 nice alert later after this. Apologies […]


Genting SP – Bullish engulfing candle at oversold condition

Genting SP today got several bullish signals: bullish engulfing, RSI turning higher from oversold condition, stochastic about to bullish crossover from oversold condition and MACD histogram becoming shorter. Therefore, confirmation is on Wednesday if Genting can closed above today’s candle high. Blackjack anyone?  


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