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Archive for the CityDev Category

CityDev (On request)

CityDev ran higher over the last 2 weeks and cleared the resistance at 10.60. Next resistance to watch out for is 10.88 (fibonacci weak resistance) and the recent high of 11.24. Support is 10.20 which is about where the 20 and 50 day moving average will meet. Right now, there is no signals to long […]


CityDev – Hammer at MA support but…

CityDev today formed a hammer with fibonacci support and also the 200 day moving average support. However, it is also resisted by 20 and 100 DMA. Therefore watch to see if it can clears this MA resistance.


CityDev – Nicely bounced off support

CityDev bounced off 100 day moving average and fibonacci 38.2% support. Do watch to see if there is a follow through.


CityDev – another small hammer

But do take note that property took a beating from ABSD, and this could just be a technical rebound. Watch your ESP.  


CityDev (on request) – lone ranger among the bears

CityDev is unusually strong¬† especially when STI is -50. If CityDev was black, STI would have gone a lot lower. As of now, there is no bearish reversal signal seen yet, but this counter you need to keep it in your watchlist later today to see of it does roll over. And when profit taking […]


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