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Archive for September, 2014

EURUSD and more

Hi, Thanks for all the wishes. I managed to recover from the cold (must have caught it in the rain over the weekend) which prevents me from doing the YouTube on Sunday. And thanks for attending my special in-house training workshop for a broker clients. Below are the fibonacci levels for EURUSD weekly chart. Notice […]


Sept 22 2014 Singapore forex futures and stocks with Jonathan Tan

Scotland says No and FTSE seems to be a sell on news with market going hier and then a sell-down. Alibaba? Gap higher as expected and closed white candle with long upper shadows. Does this mean that there is a big selling pressure? So far there is no another type of “Facebook” incident, and everyone […]


Sept 8 2014 Singapore forex futures and stocks with Jonathan Tan

Happy Mid-Autumm Festival and enjoy eating the mooncake. Mario Draghi continues to pump up the economy with a QE-like stumulus. Does this mean that the European market can continue to go higher pulling the US market and indirectly the Asia market? Not all market are at their all time high, therefore does this mean a […]


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