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Archive for the FirstRes Category

FirstRes – will this time finally crack?

FirstRes has been very strong. Attempts to short it has failed so far. However it now has a small support at 1.86. Could this be the final resting place? Watch the price action at this line.


FirstRes – a counter that refuses to die

Today FirstRes closed at historical high and looks poised to climb higher. For those that are shorting this counter would have hit the cut loss level or if tomorrow kept on going higher, one would have to seriously consider cutting loss.  


FirstRes – near historical high

FirstRes is near historical high. Resistance to watch out is 1.865. If closed higher than that, the bearish signals will be negated. This is one strong counter that refuses to die.


FirstRes – critical support

FirstRes critical support is at 1.77. Break below that is not that bullish as it would be a lower low.


FirstRes – who will win?

FirstRes has done an impressive climb higher and now is at the previous high before it collapse. If FirstRes can go above 1.61, bulls have hope. If FirstRes goes below 1.575, bears has hope. Therefore let the price tells you what he wants to do.


FirstRes – If it cannot go higher, it is going down

If FirstRes cannot go higher than 1.52 within the next 2 days, those on contra will start to add to the selling pressure. If FirstRes goes below 1.46, then the upside is in trouble.  


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