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Archive for the Other small counters Category

Federal – Diamond Cutter?

For those that can take the risk, Federal is a possible Diamond Cutter strategy (see the Strategies above for the description)


ChinaMinZhong (on request)

Not sure why but there are a few people that seems to be interested in ChinaMinzhong. This is a downtrend counter but it needs to break above 0.64 short term resistance before it can go higher. It does looks like a bullish pennant but it has yet to break the flag pole resistance.


Yoma – forming head and shoulder

If Yoma break the neckline, head and shoulder pattern is in play.


CivMec – possible end of the road

CivMec today displays a shooting star with high volume. For those longing this counter, do be cautious.


Intraco – shooting star

For those been watching my YouTube, one will know that this is not a good sign… but you will need to wait for the confirmation first.


Sky One – running out of air

Sky One today formed a high volume shooting star. If it starts to turn lower, high chance it is end of the road.


PSL (on request) – penny counter running

Looks like you hit jackpot with PSL as it has been running higher. However as it has been running for some time, do consider taking some off the table. Remember to always protect your capital. Strong resistance to watch is 0.50, but don’t put all your hopes that it will reach there as it may […]


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