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Archive for April, 2014

Apr 29 2014 Singapore forex futures and stocks with Jonathan Tan

This week should be ending with a volatile week due to FOMC meetings on Wednesday and also Non Farm Payroll numbers on Friday. And with May, will this month be a truly sell in May and go away? Can traders take advantage of the next few volatile month? What can you do to make full […]


Apr 21 2014 Singapore forex, futures and stocks with Jonathan Tan

April showers bring May flowers and with Sell in May and go away, what direction do you have to plan your strategy? Most importantly what must you be doing in such a volatile market? To traders, volatility is good as there are a lot of opportunity to trade every single day, but for investors, all […]


Apr 14 2014 Singapore forex, futures and stocks with Jonathan Tan

“Sell in May and go away” indeed came a lot earlier in US market as mentioned in last week’s YouTube. Now moving forward, what can we expect this week? With Ukraine back into the news and Mario Draghi will do everything to push European econimies higher, it seems like the market is setting up for […]


Apr 07 2014 Singapore forex, futures and stocks with Jonathan Tan

Another major pounding on Nasdaq with having its worse drop in the last 2 months. Could it be that “Sell in May and go away” will be a lot earlier this year? If this is the case, what should you be doing? Hanging on to the position and hope for the best? Or will you […]


Registration is now open for April Master Chart Trader program

After completing a very successful March Master Chart Trader program, the chat group has been fast and furious over the last week of March when US market tumbled and with every gap up higher, the participants were shorting it for the night when it sold off. Now that they are on the way to be […]


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