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When one does what they love with passion…

A lot of people asked me about my trading hours or the hours I spend watching the chart and they are amazed that sometimes I do spend long hours in front of laptop watching the market and the hours spent guiding fellow traders making sure they get the right trade.

And all that is work?

To me, that’s not work but doing what I love. Trading and making the profits out from the market is only half of the story. Over the last few months when I am finally back into the market openly giving out my strategies (after being in “confinement” for 2 years), I am happy to be able to guide my InnerCircle from frustration trading to giving them hope that trading is a possible way to the future. Hey, I cannot claim all of them became really good but some of them decided to turn full time and make this into a career. And a few of them even decides to become trainers too, but they are respectful enough to acknowledge my intellectual rights. And when I can see the shine in their previously dull eyes, that’s a job well done.

But where do I get my energy? If you have been reading the “About Jonathan” section, you will find that I do write about my goals. One of it is to meet John Schmidt from The Piano Guys live in concert. Initially I set my goals to visit them in US but never did I expect that at time that they will be visiting Singapore. Therefore instead of me going to them, they are coming to me and the concert is tonight!
 photo ThePianoGuys_zpsfaeb7def.jpg

If you watch one of their recent video, one members of The Piano Guys, Steve Nelson, performed in a concert until tears came out of his eyes. And that’s PASSION!!!

I love doing what I do and I love doing it well. My ultimate goal is to bring a group of traders with their families to Namale, a world best resort owned by Tony Robbins in Fiji. I always believe that being a trader is not lonely job. This is a journey where traders and their families are one and being able to enjoy the fruits of their passion. Trading is a passion and it is part of the journey to their ultimate goals.

My challenge to you is, What is your passion? Find it and give it your very best. And you will be amazed how far it can bring you.

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