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Amtek Engg and Yoma (on request)

Amtek Engg still could not clear the falling window resistance (shaded area) previously and now may be gaining momentum trying to clear it again. On Friday, it cleared the 200 day moving average, but to enter long position now, one would be chasing. Support would be the 50 dma, and classical support at 0.655.


Biosensor and LionGold was highlighted in this week’s YouTube, so do watch it there.

I got a few request for Yoma as it was highlighted by someone (but don’t ask me who, ok). Do understand different people have different technique of looking for stocks therefore I do not want to get involve in who is better or worse type of battle. I give him the respect.


All I can say for now is Yoma is trading inside a range from 0.38 to 0.50. If one has not entered on long position, then the risk and reward right now would not be good.

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