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Great news! I will be restarting my YouTube this coming weekend. Wait, why not now, you ask? Simple answer is that I got to get a new toy to make my next production a lot better (no, I will not be wearing a suit anytime soon, well maybe sometimes…). But after one last weekly production this coming weekend, I will be changing the format to make it more interesting and exciting. I have been planning this project for quite some time and it should be a game changer for a lot of you. I can’t wait to share the good news with all of you but I have to keep this under wraps for the moment.
Rest assured, I have not disappeared for the last few months doing nothing: I have not retired (although I did at a point seriously considered about it), I have not eloped with my mistresses, nor have I been involved in any scandal (nope, I am not dating Scarlett Johansson) but it has been a fun few months getting things ready.
So watch closely on my Facebook posts (do remember to like my Facebook page so that you can get up to date information) while I slowly but surely tease you with my upcoming project results.

Until then, be safe in trading.

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