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Aug 24 2013 2:00PM (Open to public) How to generate profits in trending market and when to stay away from false signals

Note: This event is organized by Lim & Tan Securities Pte Ltd. This is a series of educational seminar to train the public on how to use technical analysis to generate profits out from the market. This strategy is specifically for stocks trading/investing.

Jonathan Tan will hold the next free seminar to share his insights into how to generate profits in trending market and when to stay away from false signals.

In the previous session, we learned how to pick the bottom and top of the market and stocks using candlesticks. However in a trending market, most of the time it stays in the trend either uptrend or downtrend. If we had missed entering the market, where else can we be on lookout to re-enter the market to ride on with the trend? Join me in this second session where I will share with you using a very simple but effective strategy on how to ride the trend. This is especially useful for those that don’t have much time to be looking at the market everyday but yet able to ride the trending market and generate profits out from it. In addition, it will also prevent you from entering on false signals.

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