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I could have…

Seems like I caused an uproar when I started implementing [InnerCircle] even though the signs¬† are there, so let me explain myself why I have to do so…

When I left as ChartNexus lead trainer a year ago, I could have:

  1. Been a remisier with any leading broker firms or be a proprietary trader
    But when I thought about where my income comes from, it means that I would have to find every signals good or not good just so that my clients can trade every single day to generate my bigger paycheck. I do not have that heart to do it because it would mean over-trading and risking your own hard earned money for my paycheck. In addition, I prefer the freedom of doing whatever I want at my own schedule. I trade US market too, and if you notice my posting time (such as now), I do sleep very late and thus will wake up late without the worry about rushing to work. And I could take my holiday anytime I want without worrying about taking leave or answer client’s mobile phone to place any orders. I value my freedom and with now most people trade online, isn’t it easier and better to somehow get people educated about when to buy/sell and anyone can place their orders with whatever broker house they prefers? Not that I am saying a remisier job is not good, but it just does not suite me.
  2. Never start doing the YouTube video every single week for the last one year
    As I have been doing it regularly, now it takes me about 30 minutes to analyze what stocks to talk about, 15 to 30 minutes to actually talk and get it recorded, edit the video for about 10 minutes, get it process for about 30–45 minutes, and upload it to YouTube takes about 30 minutes. It easily takes me at least 2 hours to get a YouTube video done every single week. What for? For you! Since I started doing YouTube, yes, there are people that hates me for doing it, but there are people that find it beneficial and learn a lot more especially on how to implement technical analysis using “real time” chart instead of historical chart. One can never go wrong with historical chart, but since it is real time chart, there is always an element of wrong analysis and how to recover from it. For who? For you. At what price to you? Nothing!
  3. Never bother to look at charts every single night and type out my analysis of what stocks to pay attention in this website
    Sometimes, there are just nothing much to look at, but I force myself to at least give some analysis why I think there is nothing much to look at. Sometimes, I am just too tired after coming back really late at night but I will still find some time to write out analysis even though my wife complains that I have been spending too much time with this website. There are a lot of people that come to this website to get a market feel, and I just cannot let you down. Even when I am in no mood to write, I force myself to at least get the outlook out. For you? No, this is for me to keep on looking at the market, forcing myself not to slack off but you get the benefits out from it.
  4. Not started the webinar for the last half year at all
    Actually I am proud of this because in about half year that I started the webinar, I only woke up late once. I am also amazed that I managed to keep my schedule even though I slept quite late, sometimes at 5am. But who cares, right? It benefits you because you are able to see how I analyze stocks, my thoughts, my strategies right or wrong in real time. But lately, with the number of crowd that came in (which is a good sign), it causes problems. Initially when it started, the webinar is only 30 minutes, then it gotten to 1 hour and the last time, it reached 90 minutes. It has gone counter-productive because it held up too much of your time just waiting for my views of your own stocks.

Since it is getting counter-productive, something has to give way. I started thinking how can I help more people? Over the last 1 year using social media, I found out that helping everyone is too tough a job for me. And the webinar is where it has the most interaction and the most benefits but with too many people in it, it is just not working.

Ask yourself:

Isn’t it good if I can spend more time with you in the webinars?

Isn’t it better for you to spend less time but have more relevant stocks being analyze?

Wouldn’t it be better if you are able to ask questions that you really want to know but too afraid to ask in front of such a big crowd?

It got me thinking that I will have to somehow filter out passionate traders from casual traders, and passionate traders would do whatever it takes to improve their trading skills. But I do not have the heart to implement membership charges (maybe in the future, who knows). So, I started thinking of a win win situation and decided to help out my wife at the same time.

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Now that I got your attention, you may think that I am joking, but the above are what my friends told me and more. Only you will know how it benefits you.

Therefore, when you purchase 3 boxes of OxyGinberry Beverage, you are making the best investment by investing in your own health, and my services to you is just a complimentary. However if you are just entertaining me by just purchasing the products just to have the right to join in the webinar, then I have failed my job of convincing you that the product is really good and it is a waste of my time and effort. It is not refundable and I will not put you into my [InnerCircle]. So consider your health first and decide if you want it.

When you make the decision, I will put you into the [InnerCircle] for 3 months.
Simple and clear.

I may sound stuck up, but my process of knowing who is willing to learn, to do whatever it takes to succeed in trading starts now.

Let me ask you a simple question: You may know what you know right now, but have you ever ask yourself, how come you know about chart reading, why you did not ask yourself what time would one usually find the stock at the lowest price or the highest price of the day? Isn’t that useful in trading, knowing what time to buy or what time to take profit?



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