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Webinar is cancelled tomorrow

Apologies for not posting much as market is overbought and no signal to short previously. Yes, overbought also can go higher but the risk and reward is not that good. Unless you can take the high risk, or else it is better to stay away from the long side. That’s why I have not been posting much on the long side. To short, well the signals are there but it is not that clear. Hang Seng got 1 big black candle. Closing above or below that candle should signify where the market wants to go.
Hang Seng Index

In addition, I am up to my neck with so many things to so. Which means I am not able to hold a webinar tomorrow. Plus I have yet to find a chance to look at the CandleAlert bearish bug. Therefore, the CandleAlert is not ready for release. Really sorry about it as time is really tight for me. I am only a one man show, therefore please have a little patience.

Therefore in summary: no webinar tomorrow and CandleAlert is still not ready for release.

If you have not watch this week’s YouTube recording, now would be a good time to watch it…



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