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Archive for the Straits Times Category

Straits Times Index – Support and resistance level

Straits Times has a short term lower high and lower low. Which means the for a potential change of trend, STI would have to go and closed higher than 3000 to create a higher high, which is also the psychology level.


Straits Times – possible support level

If Straits Times do continue to go lower, there is a strong possible support at 2870 which is near the 200 days moving average, fibonacci 38.2% support and also a rising window support (see arrow). If you have any long position, do set a trailing stop. If I am wrong about the market coming lower, […]


Straits Times – Shooting star with bearish divergence

Today after a bullish morning, when everyone thought it is bullish all the way, market gave a surprise and lost all its gains and closed as black shooting star. Although I would prefer this shooting star to be at a higher position, nonetheless, it is still a shooting star with indicators at overbought. In addition, […]


Straits Times – Resistance with a shooting star

STI formed a shooting star at trendline resistance and 2 moving average resistance: 50 and 100 days. With a lot of counter at overbought, it is possible that there may be profit taking coming, but all shall depends on Europe and USA. We may be close but maybe still a small tiny tiny bull left? […]


Straits Times

Straits Times Index today stage a strong rebound and closed at 2694. First resistance to watch out for would be at 2730 which will also coincide with the 50 DMA. If STI await a few days later, it would also meet with the 20 DMA as resistance. Right now, do take note that to long […]


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