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No YouTube today as I lost my voice

I am not able to record the YouTube today as I lost my voice. Those that came to my workshop on Saturday heard what’s left of it for the weekend. Now trying to recover as fast as I can so that I may do an ad-hoc YouTube sometime this week. Do watch out for it.

A quick summary:
As I lost my voice, the alternative is a short text. Watch for upside in US indices which may also pull Europe higher. STI is already at high, therefore risk/reward is not so nice. But support is still holding therefore downside in STI has not seen yet. This week is Option Expirations week, therefore expect a lot of volatility. A few stocks being highlighted in yesterday’s workshop:
Possible bullish: Ezion, Far East HTrust, GoucoLeisure, HPL, Wilmar
Possible bearish: Fortune Reit, Frasers Cpt

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