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Apr 07 2014 Singapore forex, futures and stocks with Jonathan Tan

Another major pounding on Nasdaq with having its worse drop in the last 2 months. Could it be that “Sell in May and go away” will be a lot earlier this year? If this is the case, what should you be doing? Hanging on to the position and hope for the best? Or will you be able to be on lookout for profitable opportunities in this volatile market? Regardless of whatever the markets, a trader has to be flexible enough to smell the change in the air and react accordingly whereas investors can only hope and “pray” in the downside. Not that I am discounting investors, but in a volatile market, one must have a different battle plans. And what’s the plan for this week?
Find out what it is in this week video edition.


Note: There are no public workshop this week. I am only concentrating on InnerCircle and a special request internal broker’s workshop which is already fully registered. But if you would like to join the InnerCircle group and Master Chart Trader program, just email me at jonathan.tan@chartingacademy.com


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