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Ukraine Crisis

I am not an expert in history, but with Ukraine being the base for Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, this may be a different ball-game. Previously a similar incident happened in Georgia (granted it is a different state and also a different stake).
Let’s take a look using what happened previously (my typing highlighted in red bold so that it is easier to see)

From wikipedia:

Georgia conflict started on Aug 8, 2008,

and ends on Aug 12, 2008.

If we take a look at the chart at that time, Dow Jones hardly moved, in fact, it goes higher. Dow did not reacted much towards Georgia conflict.

But what is surprisingly is after the conflict when market suddenly turns bearish and it was the worse of the financial crisis:

On Sept 29, 2008, House rejected the bailout package causing Dow to plunge 777 points, the biggest loss ever since Sept 11, 2001.

And then another knife into Dow wounds on Oct 9, 2008 when quarter reports also turns bad:

Will this time be somewhat different seeing that Ukraine has nuclear weapons? We will let the market decides. Right now, market is in uptrend with previously in 2008, it was downtrend. History tends to repeat itself, but always in a different manner.

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