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Feb 25 2014 Singapore stocks forex and more with Jonathan Tan

This is a different bull in US market and similarly for Straits Times. STI has been cheonging higher, and a lot of people missing out on this run has been getting desperate, “If I don’t get in now, I will miss the run for the entire year.” Or is it? Should one just blindly longing and hope for the best? If so, what stocks can you pay attention to? Or what are the signs to be paying attention to? This week YouTube edition highlights a lot of signals that you should be watching out for, especially if you are trading indices as it can either bring Singapore stocks a lot higher or profit taking setting in. What is it?
Find out what it is in this week video edition.

I will be sharing a simple but effective trading strategy next Wednesday Feb 26. Do register at this page
Venue: City Index Asia Pte Ltd 6 Battery Road #20-01 Singapore 049909. Tel: 6826 9988
Date: Feb 26, 2013
Time: 7:00pm – 10:00pm
Fees: Free (venue sponsored by CityIndex)

To register your seats, do click on the link below:


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