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Oct 7 2013 Singapore stocks and more with Jonathan Tan

With US Govt shutdown and the looming debt ceiling, it seems like the market is going to be hit by a major storm. However there will always be a sign before anything happens and in this week’s YouTube, there are a lot of signs being seen in Singapore stocks such as DBS, OCBC and even Capitaland. A lot of blue chip counters are showing chart patterns and that has to be taken note of. How will it affect the market, especially when pennies are “crashing” down? What counters to be on lookout?
Find out what it is in this week video edition.


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Oct 10 Thurs @ 7pm: https://chartingacademyoct10.eventbrite.com
Oct 12 Sat @ 2pm: https://chartingacademyoct12.eventbrite.com

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