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Archive for May, 2013

May 13 2013 Singapore stocks, regional markets and more with Jonathan Tan

Market continues to go and going even higher. This week is Options expiration week and US market should be getting volatile. In this video there is also a special education section on how I trade the GBPUSD highlighted in last week’s YouTube video. For Singapore stocks, there are a few counters to take note of […]


Cosco – selling exhaustion seen?

Cosco after a high volume selldown, today formed a hammer candle. Could it be time for a technical rebound?


Kepcorp – bullish engulfing candle seen…

KepCorp has a bullish engulfing candle at weak fibo support and also strong rising window support.


May 6 2013 Singapore stocks, regional markets and more with Jonathan Tan

http://ChartingAcademy.com It is record breaking bull in US market and everyone is saying this is a different bull this time. Uncle Ben Bernanke has solved the US crisis and it is just a matter of time before uncle Mario Draghi will do the same. There is just nothing that can stop this bull except May? […]


Singapore stocks and regional markets with Jonathan Tan is back!

Thank you for making my YouTube channel the most watched in Singapore and regional markets about stocks, forex and futures market. I am back into operational status after taking a break and raring to get started again. I got lots of things to do starting with a revamp of this website, seminars, gatherings, etc etc. […]


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